How I shot that? Thunder Mountain

Thunder mountain is an amazing but very fast ride.  And you guaranteed to be swinging left and right.  As a rule, ANY ride I always keep the camera strap on and if anything feels strange I will just press the camera on my chest.  This is how I take my camera on Expedition Everest.  On other wet rides, I’ll use my hat to cover it.  🙂   Back to the ride, I’ve been trying for a long time to get some good ‘action’ shots.  So when I got the Canon 80d, one of the things that I liked about it was the ability to shoot at 1/8000 of a second.  Both my previous cameras (t3, t5i) only did 1/4000 and while that is freaking fast per say.  I knew I needed that extra edge.

So I set up my camera for Manual, which means I can lock the shutter at 1/5000 as well as the f-stop, which in this case f2.8 and let it go crazy on the ISO.  What I got was a somewhat noisy picture but the action was frozen, score!!!

Now note I have done a couple of failed tries, one using 1/8000 and the iso was just too high and the quality looked like a blackberry from the 80’s.

As for post editing, this is what I did.  I brought up the shadows to show the train cabin. And if you look closely you can see the noise on it.  Then with a brush in lightroom, I removed the noise setting it to 80%.  I could have brightened it more but since the eye looks for the brightest part in the picture I left the sunset bright as well as the train on the top.  Then brought up the orange and yellow and there you go.  Hope this helps anyone out.


An expensive camera doesn’t always equal great photos.

Yep, hate to say it. Running out and getting an expensive camera won’t make you an instant great photographer.   Why do I say this? Every once and while I get a snarky comment under a photo about how I edit my photos or how it’s over edit this or that.  It’s funny since many of them don’t even follow me?  #AdmitItYouAreAFan

So why do they even bother?  Beats me,  I guess they can’t stand I have a certain amount of followers with a camera you can get at Walmart and my stock lens. And regarding followers, I get nastygrams for that also. I guess I buy my likes also.  With over 10,000,000 likes so far I guess I have a lot of money to burn.  Just for you to know I average 15-22k likes a day.

Anyway to all those ‘professional’ people who troll my account and can’t stand what I do just want you to know that I have a blast doing it, and I ain’t stopping anytime soon.  So you can rant of how I edit the photos, I don’t care it’s my art, and newsflash, you edit yours too.  The moment you adjust a slider on your editing software you have ‘edited’ your picture.  Second, try to have fun taking pictures don’t try to make it such a science on what you are doing.  It’s funny to see people so focused on the equipment behind it and how it’s supposed to be good since I used the 3k lens.  A most important don’t get any if my pics looks like yours, it’s Disney and at the end, we are taking pictures of the same thing.

Oh, by the way, I did finally upgrade my camera to an 80d and have a better lens. Maybe now I can take better pictures like the other guys.

The new toy – Canon 80d

So finally getting out of the house after being sick what looks like an eternity, I was able to get out and shoot.  As you may have seen my T5i decided not to wake up one morning.  So jumping on the Amazon CC offer I went ahead and got myself the 80d.   I’ve been looking at it for a while, first, the viewfinder is 100% and much larger which helps with my eyesight.  Second, the dynamic range and colors are rated twice what I had before.

So after a couple of weeks. I can say that I’m still getting used to the menus and settings. With my t5i I used to use a software hack called Magic Lantern had custom settings which were extremely helpful when doing bracketed shots since I didn’t have to set it up each time I turned on the camera while on my night shots.  Here I do. That’s ok.

I’m still trying to figure out the best settings in lightroom as well as bracketing shots, so far it seems 5 shots is the magic number.  But other differences from my t5i is the viewfinder, it’s a 100% of what you are shooting and works using a prism, dynamic range (colors depths) and resolution are so much better.  I am truly loving this device.  Oh, by the way, ts name is ‘Tres’ which stands for three, since it’s my third DSLR

It’s like the blocking never ends?

As you may know, I am part of a Facebook group called Disney Colors.  And it’s a wonderful group of people sharing images, stories and photo challenges. And one of the golden rules is to no allow outside links, the reason being a very simple one. It quickly becomes a trashcan of people posting back to their photography pages.  And we have seen that all too many times in these groups.  And when you have the same bunch posting the same pic in 20 groups you know how annoying that gets!

But the offenders we get are the best, not only do they never post anything or have interacted with anyone they quickly post something like ‘If this isn’t allowed please delete…’ I chuckle each time I see that.  “Removed and blocked”.  Out of curiosity, I’ll go check what they posted, and 99.99% of the time is some ad infested site, yep trying to make a buck off Disney.  And don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against that but if this isn’t the group for it the why post it?

The most recent one was a couple talking about gaining followers on Instagram, so when I go check their accounts they had less that 500 combined. I mean really?

Anyway, I look back only to find the offenders block me on IG.  Which is fine. I here for the pretty pictures and to share the magic, if you like my channel fine, and if you don’t it’s fine too.

10,000,000 likes and counting…

So last month I passed the 10,000,000 likes on Instagram. Yep that is the big 10.  I’m ecstatic!   Almost three years posting daily to get here.   And while it’s easy to get caught in the follower’s numbers, it’s the likes on the photos which make my day.

How does it feel? Awesome I guess.  First I want to thank Disney, Like I have said over and over, if it weren’t for Disney my account wouldn’t be where it is today.    So if you are reading this and contributed to the number, thank you.

So long twitter, time to focus on Facebook

Yep, I knew this day was coming.  While I won’t officially close the account there. I have stopped posting pictures on twitter.   While I find it fun and rewarding just like the other social media platforms, I don’t think it’s a platform for pictures.

What I have been doing is focusing on my Photography facebook page which just last week passed the 5000 followers, responses are good and at the end of the day everyone has Facebook.  It’s funny since I started my facebook page after all my friends who work for Disney started hiding my feed.  🙂

The keys to sucess.

One of the things I get asked all the time is how did I get so many followers, how did I get so popular, do I make money of my pictures?  I wanna be like you. I want to be instafamous.

First , All ‘Disney’ accounts are popular because of Disney, not because of who post them, and that includes me.  And people who follow are people want to experience a piece of magic, and it can be because of a memory, a pretty image, or even a friend tagging them etc.   Sadly I say this because the amount of people I have met or know of who actually think they are famous because of posting Disney pictures is pretty high, which is pretty funny if you ask me. Proof is when you look at the followers on their ‘personal’ account and compare.   This applies to all social media apps.

Next, You truly have to enjoy what you do.  For me I  really enjoy going out with a plan, taking the picture, then sitting down at the computer and trying to come up with something different. It was to get out of the house enjoy this new passion of photography.  My previous job had me flying left and right and I was out of the house many days at the time. Now in

For me, It was to get out of the house enjoy this new passion of photography.  My previous job had me flying left and right and I was out of the house many days at the time. Now in FL I was home ALL the time.  So after posting a couple of Disney pictures under my facebook and seeing the compliments, I said to myself “You know what?. These pics are almost good as the images I used to look up to”.  I should share this to the world, maybe there are others who would like to see them.  And my Instagram account started there.    It wasn’t to get famous, again this is all my opinion. If you are starting your account, blog, vblog just to get famous good luck.  I personally don’t want my hobby/passion to become a job.

So, If you are able to grab on to that passion, it will show on your pictures and comments. And that will help get your account known. Word of mouth has been for me the best promoter.   For example, no matter how good a picture is if the person running the account is an asshole will you ‘like’ their picture, or even follow their account? I don’t think so. Plus there are tons of other people shooting the same stuff also, people will just change the channel.

For example, for me that I’ve posted two to four pictures a day, every day and haven’t missed a day yet. I don’t think I’ve done that even with my checkbook.   Anything after that such as popularity, or whatever fame you want to call it is what reflects off your images.

Riding along, with enjoying what you do is, you also have to not care what others think and do your thing, be original. And that goes hand in hand with getting out there and shaking hands.  You need to get out there (See how I underlined it?), and that is done by responding to comments, following back people who comment on your pics, respond to messages etc.etc.  And while I may not post a lot of me, and maybe I should change that I’ve seen MANY very good accounts die and fall into oblivion since no one knows who they really are, and some don’t even respond to comments. Same goes with the pictures, and while we all Disney accounts are shooting the same thing, you can always mix it up by trying different angles, different filters etc.   Just don’t post 1000 pics of the same thing over and over.   Time consuming sure, but well time flies when you are having fun.