Hello world

Hi guys, just a random first post to say hi.  Hopefully, you will tag along after reading this.

No I am not a public figure, no I am not #instafamous, no I am not looking to sell you prints (But you can go to my site luisgarcia.photography if you really want one), no I am not looking to gain followers for fame.

What am I then?  Just a person who enjoys photographer, especially around Disney and the other theme parks. I got into photography as a hobby after my wife suggested I was home too much, which is true. So as with everything I touch I try to excel and learn as much as possible.  I won’t call myself a perfectionist but maybe someone who wants to better themselves all the time.

So what will you find here?  What I can you is that you will not find a mirror of what I already do on Instagram or Facebook, picture after picture. I hope to give my opinions on thing and situations.

Tag along I hope it will be interesting…

Here are some of the other spots you can find me.
You can find me at @disney_nuts on Instagram

http://www.facebook.com/disneynuts on Facebook
Shows up as Luis Garcia Photography.

More Images available for purchase


Some Facebook groups I like to troll in.


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