Instagram friends and my Facebook.

I know another corny title.  I don’t know you but I’ve always considered Instagram friends to be special and different from Facebook friends.

For me, Instagram friends are those who share the same passion for photography or in our case Disney photography, quick and no to much info, bam! Facebook for ME is more family and off the cuff pictures.  In fact, I rarely post Disney only pics on there except when changing my cover page which is funny since many of my friends which are locals work for Disney, so I understand not wanting to see the same photo over and over.

Now with that said I don’t take offence if someone who I met via IG unfriends me on FB, many times when I friend them they are expecting to find more Disney pics or information on the pictures. Sorry, you won’t find it.   I guess that is why on Instagram has 120k followers and my facebook only has 500.

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