Don’t ‘tag’ me bro…

One of the cool things of Instagram is the ability to connect with many people, doesn’t matter from where

And as you may know, I try not to post ‘crappy’ photos under my account.  In fact, if a photo doesn’t reach a number of likes in 24 hours it gets deleted.  As for today July 2016 that number is 2,200 likes.  But wait! There is always the exception.  And that is the #Friends rule.  This is when I post a picture with someone, someone who is a follower or friend.  It feels good to showcase them under an account they have been following, it really is.  And believe it or not, I think about it very hard since I get TONS of DM’s for meets and for shoutouts. My DM in Instagram is a real trashcan.  But recently I’ve been noticing that people who I thought were friends never post a photo of us under their account?  Sure I may have more followers than you but I am still human and I like to see the appreciation in return, what really hurts is when you scroll back they do post with others, so what gives?  It’s sort of that friend that you call all the time but they never call you.

I guess I need to just stop and realize I may not be good enough for them.  And to be honest that is ok, you really can’t please everyone. But don’t be offended if I don’t go out of my way to say hi . And let me make clear going out of my way is, messaging you, commenting under your pic etc.etc.  If it’s just one way I’ll save you the trouble and cut that loose end.

See you around the parks

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