8,100,000 likes and counting.

‘Likes’ is where it’s all. Period.   I really don’t track followers numbers that much, plus those you can buy.  But if you want to buy likes you are going to be out of a lot of money.

Early this month I hit the 8 million likes mark. I still don’t believe it myself.  A simple Instagram account posting pictures of the Most happiest place on earth.  But it didn’t start like that.   Let me go back… way back.  Below we part 1.

I first learned about Instagram from a friend who went to the same gym as me.  We were both on Foursquare, battling it for mayorships.  So when I saw she mentioned Instagram I took a peek at it.  Until this day she is my 1st follower.  Now I have been taking pictures for what seems forever and I did what everyone does. Post it on Facebook and have friends and family complain that I visit too much.  At that time ‘unfollowing’ people but still remaining friends didn’t exist so many times I would just have people unfriend me.   Regardless of how Facebook size is today, for me, my personal page is more of a family picture sharing site, nothing more.

So back to Instagram, I started as a personal account using the name @lgarciattt (Now a personal account) and I started posting pics little by little, not knowing what I was doing. Sometimes post 12 pics at a time, skipping days.  Oh, what a mess.    Little by little I brought it down to around 3-4 pics a day.  Hitting ‘like’ markers was always a big thing to me! I still remember posting a gym pic and getting 5 likes on a picture? Wow! That is amazing.  Maybe people I met from non-Disney items such as  officiallyrebecca since we shared Yoga pictures. Yes, I do yoga, got a problem with that?  Little by little I met new friends, commenting on pics and sharing experiences on IG.

Little by little I grew by doing show-outs and have them done in return.  But to be honest the hard part was meeting people in person. Call me old-fashioned, but for me, nothing beats a handshake and a hi face to face.  Let me repeat that so it digs in. Nothing beats a handshake or hug.  This and for this reason alone I always try to meet up with people who follow the account.  People are always surprised when I tell them how many times I’ve been left hanging or never show up.  But one thing is true regardless of a single like or 8 million of likes,   If it weren’t for Disney and the followers of the account we wouldn’t be here.




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