What’s in the camera bag?

Ok here is an official breakdown of what I have in my camera bag.

Cameras:My main one is a Canon t5i and my first DSLR is a Canon t3.  One of the coolest features of my T5i is the pop out screen, allows for some really cool low shots and some acceptable 6400 ISO captures.


  • Sigma f2.8 10-55 (New for Oct 2016)
  • Canon 17-55 lens that came with the camera.
  • Canon 70-300 telephoto lens, stock version.
  • Canon 50 f1.8 – You know you need to have this prime lens.
  • Opteka 6mm Fisheye – Love this lens not only does it allow you to capture ALOT I’ll use it . And many times to crop the curved edges and use the center image.  Very wide.

Other lenses I’ve used for pictures.

Canon Wide Angle lens – Very cool, maybe my next acquisition.

Other goodies

  • 2 Spare batteries – Generic brand. 🙂
  • 1 spare 32GB memory card and 1 spare 8GB card.
  • 1 Walmart $1 poncho.
  • 10,000 mAH battery
  • Wired generic shutter remote
  • Small LED flashlight

And that is it. I wish I had more to say.

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