Yes it did happen

First, let me start and say that while I can say I’ve met a ton of great people I would have never met thanks to Disney and Instagram there are still times crappy thing happen.  I’m going to share some short stories of stuff that has happened which really have bummed me out and maybe understand a bit why I am why I am.

Meets ups
I love meeting people it’s no secret that is what its all about. And even if it’s just for a minute or two. Still, after all this time people ask me to meet and never show up.  Let me say that again ‘People ASK to meet and never show up’.

I had a person who was at MK told me to meet up at Splash Mountain, never showed up even after saying they were on their way. After various follow-ups under their live pics nothing.

I had another person who asked me to meet up at Pinocchio village after FoF , only at the last moment say they had a Fast Pass and couldn’t make it. I said no problem, we’ll meet another time. So I walk there any way to get a bite only to find the person with some friends in a corner.
Result:Unfollowed, for some reason this person still follows me today?

The back stabbing instigator, people are different and you don’t have to follow people you don’t like, That’s ok.  I don’t engage with haters, its a waste of time.  But if you go out of your way and go into another person’s account to trash someone is just low.  Skipping forward, I saw a post of a ‘friend’ trashing me and instigating this person to continue to send negative stuff my way.  Guess what, I have many accounts so make sure your account is private.  I confronted this person and they apologized with some bad excuse. Result:Unfollowed anyway.

A ‘friend’ asked to meet for the first time at Magic Kingdom. When I arrived they had the family lined up for me to take their photo.
Result:Haven’t shared the picture and never will. You should have used Photopass.

Death Threats
Yep, Some account called Disney_foot_fetish was going to have Pookie drive him down to California to knife me.  Result:Blocked. The other person who was on the email reported it but not sure what ended up with it.

I had someone say. “Here let’s take a picture so you can post it on your page since you got tons of followers and I need a few.”   Result:Till this day I haven’t shared the pic.

Gave a shoutout to a friends IG account / FB group only to find out yesterday he had left the group I had created.
Result: I left that group, and so called ‘friends’ added to the ‘restricted’ list in FB.

A friend asked if I could shoot their event I was visiting. I said sure I have the camera in my trunk. After almost 1000 pictures and hours processing (since I shoot raw and you have to touch each one of them) I ended up with around 600 pics.  Sent the link on Google drive so they can do what ever they want with them. Only later I found they shared 6 pics and gave credit to another photographer on their site.  I guess I wasn’t good enough to be mentioned.
Result:Never doing that again. I’m still friends but not getting tricked into that again.

Fake Friends
Had a person ask to shoot around the park a couple of times which I accepted, after some time we all thought it would be great to do a meetup. Having around 30k followers and meeting tons of people before. I promoted it heavily under my account. The others accounts were starters and this friend had maybe 100 followers.  When the moment arrived 99% of the people I had already met and we had a blast. Then out of the blue ‘Fake Friend’ stands up and give some speech of how he is thankful people showed up to his meetup. Fast forward, a new FB group is started and I’m sort of left in the dark. A couple of weeks in the group, the true colors come out.  The person starts trying to sell their prints in the group.  Why would a group of Disney Photographers buy a Disney print from another person really?   I admit I was tricked but that only happens once.  This is why I don’t associate myself with any Blog, Travel site etc.etc.etc.

End result: Anyway I left the group and started my own with the ‘right’ intentions. Sales are strictly forbidden as well as trying to harvest followers.  As for that other group it eventually faded into the background with all the ‘admins’ leaving.  (More of this story in the future).  What is also funny is the hate comments I got for starting one, even though there are hundreds of other Disney groups on FB.  I wonder where they are now since their admin jumped ship. I’ve seen them here and there they don’t say much.

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