Where is everyone?

One of the most frequent questions I get, besides what camera do I use, is how do I get those empty streets pictures.    Really there is no secret to it.  Pick a day the dark closes early or a time you can stay late.  And forget Magic Hours dates, not only is the time really really late but they will push you out since they still need to do their after hour chores and since they have their time cut back they won’t waste time nudging you to get out.

What I like to do is stay in the back of the park when it closes.  Example Splash Mountain, Fantasyland, Pete’s Silly Circus etc.  Then very slowly work your way to the front .  When you arrive at the castle wait for all three ‘The Kiss Goodnight’.  After that should have burned at least a good hour and a half.

I’ve seen that you will still need to wait another 45-50 minutes to finally get your shots of the empty streets but as you walk out you can always look up Main Street and take your shots.   Also please be nice to the cast members. I am sure they want to go home also.  I do admit that sometimes you may have to photoshop cast members out, but with the ‘heal’ tool in photoshop, one person is easier to remove than 1000 ghosts.

Finally, be prepared to walk, you may find there is no more trams when you get back.

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