Go Live !

What’s this, even Twitter now has a LIVE button?  I can’t keep up.  And while I get requests all the time to do more live streams, which one do you use?

So far I’ve done a couple of test with mixed results.

Facebook Live

This is the one everyone recommends, first, everyone has a facebook account, and while my following here is only a couple thousand I really think it has potential to grow.  The only downside I’ve seen is there is no landscape, and compared to the others the video quality isn’t that good? But still my first choice so far.  My last video was 87 viewers.


Been on this since it first came out two years ago, I have almost 2k followers on this one, but it seems like troll city. Every time I am on you get nasty comments and you spend your time swiping away the trash.  Also quality isn’t the best, but still better than Facebooks. My last periscope had  37 viewers

Instagram Live

Fresh off the market, and this is truly live, so there is no way to save your videos. But amazing reach.  So far each video I have done has surpassed my expectations with comments from around the world and tons of viewers.  The quality for me has been the best of all of them so far.   My last one was 810 viewers.  Now I am debating between one or the other.. lol



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