It’s like the blocking never ends?

As you may know, I am part of a Facebook group called Disney Colors.  And it’s a wonderful group of people sharing images, stories and photo challenges. And one of the golden rules is to no allow outside links, the reason being a very simple one. It quickly becomes a trashcan of people posting back to their photography pages.  And we have seen that all too many times in these groups.  And when you have the same bunch posting the same pic in 20 groups you know how annoying that gets!

But the offenders we get are the best, not only do they never post anything or have interacted with anyone they quickly post something like ‘If this isn’t allowed please delete…’ I chuckle each time I see that.  “Removed and blocked”.  Out of curiosity, I’ll go check what they posted, and 99.99% of the time is some ad infested site, yep trying to make a buck off Disney.  And don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against that but if this isn’t the group for it the why post it?

The most recent one was a couple talking about gaining followers on Instagram, so when I go check their accounts they had less that 500 combined. I mean really?

Anyway, I look back only to find the offenders block me on IG.  Which is fine. I here for the pretty pictures and to share the magic, if you like my channel fine, and if you don’t it’s fine too.

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