The new toy – Canon 80d

So finally getting out of the house after being sick what looks like an eternity, I was able to get out and shoot.  As you may have seen my T5i decided not to wake up one morning.  So jumping on the Amazon CC offer I went ahead and got myself the 80d.   I’ve been looking at it for a while, first, the viewfinder is 100% and much larger which helps with my eyesight.  Second, the dynamic range and colors are rated twice what I had before.

So after a couple of weeks. I can say that I’m still getting used to the menus and settings. With my t5i I used to use a software hack called Magic Lantern had custom settings which were extremely helpful when doing bracketed shots since I didn’t have to set it up each time I turned on the camera while on my night shots.  Here I do. That’s ok.

I’m still trying to figure out the best settings in lightroom as well as bracketing shots, so far it seems 5 shots is the magic number.  But other differences from my t5i is the viewfinder, it’s a 100% of what you are shooting and works using a prism, dynamic range (colors depths) and resolution are so much better.  I am truly loving this device.  Oh, by the way, ts name is ‘Tres’ which stands for three, since it’s my third DSLR

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