An expensive camera doesn’t always equal great photos.

Yep, hate to say it. Running out and getting an expensive camera won’t make you an instant great photographer.   Why do I say this? Every once and while I get a snarky comment under a photo about how I edit my photos or how it’s over edit this or that.  It’s funny since many of them don’t even follow me?  #AdmitItYouAreAFan

So why do they even bother?  Beats me,  I guess they can’t stand I have a certain amount of followers with a camera you can get at Walmart and my stock lens. And regarding followers, I get nastygrams for that also. I guess I buy my likes also.  With over 10,000,000 likes so far I guess I have a lot of money to burn.  Just for you to know I average 15-22k likes a day.

Anyway to all those ‘professional’ people who troll my account and can’t stand what I do just want you to know that I have a blast doing it, and I ain’t stopping anytime soon.  So you can rant of how I edit the photos, I don’t care it’s my art, and newsflash, you edit yours too.  The moment you adjust a slider on your editing software you have ‘edited’ your picture.  Second, try to have fun taking pictures don’t try to make it such a science on what you are doing.  It’s funny to see people so focused on the equipment behind it and how it’s supposed to be good since I used the 3k lens.  A most important don’t get any if my pics looks like yours, it’s Disney and at the end, we are taking pictures of the same thing.

Oh, by the way, I did finally upgrade my camera to an 80d and have a better lens. Maybe now I can take better pictures like the other guys.

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