Hey, what’s up? Where have you been?

Hey guys what is up, just thought I would drop in here and give you an update of how thing are going.  Yes, I am still on Instagram posting daily, well almost daily.   I’ve been blessed with passing the 200k followers even with the shitty algorithm crimping the account each day.  I swear I think the more followers you have the more the put the boot on you so you can ‘promote’ your posts.  Funny thing is I tried it once and it was just like before the likes to followers ratio, and I get it they need to make money somehow.  But I’m not the type to be paying for promotions every week, sorry.

As for the YouTube stuff, it’s been going very good.  The video are a ton of fun to make and when I thought I had started to repeat myself I asked the wife if I should just stop since there really isn’t anything new.  So she came up with the awesome idea to include food reviews and that is what we have been doing.   So I alternate between a photo video to a food one.  And each photo video I treat like if you are watching it for the first time.  My goal with YouTube is to finally get a check from them, then I’ll see what happens to it.

Finally, just want to say people are strange like Elvis once said, you can walk into a room filled with people and you still feel alone.   While I try to not let the little thing bother me and I’m very clear on why I am taking photos.  For me and my family, a way to get out of the house, a chance to better my photography,  a chance to try something new.  With that said, the amount of ‘friends’ I see visiting the parks with others and no invite extended is almost a joke to me now and somewhat expected.  Trust me it’s all good.  Don’t care.

So there you go there is my update today 8/30/2019,  gotta go and prepare for Hurracaine Dorian.




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